5 New Year’s Eve Outfit Ideas, Inspired by the Best Runway Moments of the Decade


As indifferent as I am on New Year’s Eve, I know that the transition from 2019 to 2020 is particularly large. After all, this is the beginning of a new decade! And so there is a pretty good excuse when you have to dress for the night, okay? As festive as I can be, at least in the spirit of wardrobe-wise, I am also using it as an opportunity to celebrate my favorite look from the 2010s. Below, I chose five that I consider being the defining moments of the decade’s runways, which seem to have been essential to my style, but were also catalysts for trends that were far beyond my personal scope Were dispersed, and they were remodeled for one night in the city. Or a festive fashion show you can put on for your pet — whatever the pace of your New Year’s Eve.

# 1: Alexander Wang S / S 2010

There is barely a week when I don’t think of the football-inspired show that launched Alexander Wang to fame. If you ask me, this collection can only be the basic point for the Athlivic craze that came to define this decade. Sweatshirts, athletic socks, and ultra-pointed cat-eye sunglasses still look as new as Curly Claus first leaped into the bleachers at Teen Vogue. I probably want to ring in Sweatpants in the new year, so I would use it the most with a Wang-style sports bra and a utilitarian coat when I mean deli-out, club.

# 2: Louis Vuitton f / w 2011

Remember how much the show stirred up? While the New York Times called both “racy and saucy” in Marc Jacobs’ late-night hotel-production, I hardly think anyone would bat an eyelash on fetish on the runway these days — just proof that the course. How much has changed in the 2010s? Nevertheless, the show has one of my favorites so far, unlike the primacy and characterlessness. I can’t even come close to capturing the beautiful print on the Louis Vuitton dress here, but I’ve given the look with a leather harness that I actually bought in 2016 for New Year’s Eve.

# 3: Christopher Kane Resort 2011

Okay, so this is not exactly the runway moment, but I contend that it was still one of the first viral collections of all time. I am basing this claim entirely on a memory that the day Facebook added a “cover photo” feature, I ran to upload a photo from the lookbook of this collection to my family’s desktop computer. That fact is that it seemed that every stylish celebrity wore dresses on the red carpet and street style blog. While the Galaxy print in 2011 feels a bit dated, I’m still obsessed with collecting other T-shirts that Ken designed around this time.

# 4: Saint Laurent F / W 2016

No matter where you stand on Heidi Slimane, there is no denying that the designer’s grunge rice esthetic is sure to be the 2010s style, and if ever, your Fox-fairy coat and your most If it was time to put on the shirt dress, it is New Year’s Eve. I found it miraculously in a vintage store from an outdoor clothing store, but anything really fluffy would work! Consider having an outfit for every one of 2020 and speak to curate an air of whimsical suspense with a French accent.

# 5: Gucci F / W 2019

I have to end this year where I started it: with Gucci. The brand has undergone dramatic changes over the years, reaching the peak of frenetic popularity over the years. Will the craze last until 2020? My maximum heart says yes, but my mind, with my knowledge of the propensity cycle, says no…. Give it one last hedonistic storm by storing all your favorite items in your cupboard at once. Bidai is such sweet, pattern-on-pattern agony.

Looking back on these runways of Yours makes me so apathetic. When the 2010s began, I was a moody teenager who attended a Livestream fashion show from a computer lab during lunch, and now I’m someone who is lucky to write about them for a living Found! (Though it seems to me my penchant to look again from the show with the clothes I have lying around in my room).

The clothes seem to be full of longing and hope, symbolizing the rough point in each time that took me to where I am now — but my vision is just of a small corner. With what we have now, what does the style of 2010 mean? Which runway shows will your personal highlight reel of the decade run? And, most importantly, what are you wearing on the occasion of the new year?


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