Here’s What Your Sleep Pose Says About You


Sometimes it seems that the internet has penetrated our lives so deeply that nothing is sacred anymore. But one thing is unfamiliar with the essential need we share: unconsciousness! Every night, perhaps in soft pajamas, half-dressed, or, for liberation in our midst, naked, we all arrange our bodies for rest, phases of mentally getting out, and weird dreams about our teeth lets see. If you think about it then it is a kind of precious.

In an effort to decode one of our most subliminal choices, where of course our deepest truths are hidden, I turned to body language expert Blanca Cobb. She says that the situation in which we sleep and return overnight can reveal something about our personality. She warns that this is not an exact science (there is a lack of reliable research on the subject), but if anyone has set out to see an expression where none of us do it, it is hers. Read on to see what your sleeping state of choice says about you, and when you consider it, spark up some styling ideas, straight from Leandra (I’m partial to the Ballequa-Alternative-Sleep-Mask Am).


“The survey shows sleep in the fetal position – on your side and slightly upward – the most common. This posture is about security; It protects vital organs, making us feel safe. People who sleep in this condition have a rigid exterior but are soft and sensitive. They can be cautious with new people, but once they feel comfortable with someone they open up and relax. ”


“An open, outgoing personality sleeping straight with his arms pointed to a real social butterfly.” These people strongly desire the company of others and prefer to work in a group rather than alone. They give newbies the benefit of the doubt – sometimes they risk being too trustworthy.

free fall

“Freefall is an inherently protective sleeping position. Getting away from others, thus preserving the stomach and vital organs, may indicate that they are a bit sensitive to criticism, or perhaps unsure of how to handle it. They may be slightly thickened around the edges; Perhaps loud, hot and likable people prefer to be upright, rather than be bothered by small talk and pleasant talk. ”


“The yearner is similar to the login that it indicates a very friendly, social person. But they are somewhat hesitant; For example, they are more likely to suspect new people, until they get to know them. Interestingly, research on this has shown that people who sleep in a yearly state may be slow to make decisions, but once they decide, it is up to them to change their minds. Not very inclined. ”


If you fall asleep on your back, reaching around the pillow with your arms above your head – the starfish position – it signals you to be an open, social person. I would not be surprised if a lot of physicians sleep in this condition, because the body language of this pose tells me that the person is a really good listener and that they value helping other people. According to research, only five percent of people sleep in this way. ”


“If a soldier sleeps in position – with his arms straight on his back – it is a reasonable guess that they are tough, disciplined and focused. They may have high expectations not only for themselves but also for other people Are. I have heard people say that they sleep in a military position when they feel stressed or under work pressure, or when they have a lot on their mind. ”

What is your sleeping position? Do you feel seen and/or exposed?


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